Work management

App to Counter Suppression Techniques

This app helps users identify 7 suppression techniques – techniques used to exercise negative power over others – that are common in work environments, and it suggests constructive responses.

The offer

In addition to general information, the app provides concrete examples of everyday situations. This allows users to practice 1) how to respond constructively when someone is using suppression techniques against them, 2) how to intervene when someone is using suppression techniques against a colleague, and 3) how to recognize, reflect on, and transform their own use of power in the work environment. The app can be used to review past situations, in real time, and to prepare for future situations.

Main purpose

This app makes employees aware of small, every day interactions that create subtle power structures and have immense destructive potential for the work environment if they are not actively managed. Making destructive uses of power visible is the first step to counteracting them. Through concrete examples of everyday situations, the app then offers constructive responses that can transform unhealthy dynamics which often arise without any bad intentions. The app contributes to a healthy work environment in which team members are encouraged to protect their own integrity, support colleagues, and reflect on their own use of power. This increases equality and wellbeing among the team members, and this is the basis for healthy work relationships that foster creativity and productivity.

Usage areas

The app was developed for Mid Sweden University and can be tailored to any work environment, including government agencies, universities, schools, businesses, sports teams, NGOS, etc. It is a great tool in any kind of mentoring activity, e.g. life coaching, counseling, advocacy work. It is of particular interest for equal opportunity officers and safety officers.
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