Licensbanken.se is run by the InnovationOffice Fyrklövern [four-leaf clover], a partnership between four Swedish Universities:

– Karlstad University
– Linnaeus University
– Mid Sweden University
– Örebro University

Research results that can be licensed from these four Swedish universities are presented – new products and services ready to be produced or implemented.

Innovation Office Fyrklövern
The Swedish government has instated 12innovation offices for the purpose of initiating, stimulating and supporting the utilisation of research at Swedish universities. Innovation Office Fyrklövern is one of them. This initiative is a unique boundary-crossing exchange with a focus on innovation and growth issues.

Innovation Office Fyrklövern has four equal partners and functions as a network-based cooperation with concerted efforts in promoting innovation and development. Flexible methods and distance communication technologies are used in the organisation.
The purpose is to expand the flow of ideas – from research to social benefit. This means that the Innovation OfficeFyrklövern supports new research all the way from the formulation stage to the start of a company, supports the development of new research or education, and not least, supports the licensing process. All this requires established cooperation channels with other actors in regional and national innovation systems. We also take initiatives to change attitudes, inspire, educate and disseminate knowledge – in all subject areas.

The Objectives of Innovation Office Fyrklövern
– Fyrklövern shall contribute to national growth by establishing cooperation between the four universities as well as between the four regions linked to Fyrklövern. Cooperation shall be based on the universities’ regionally established partnerships and be developed by means of joint initiatives and projects.

– Fyrklövern shall increase the number of innovations from research environments at Swedish universities by stimulating and providing professional support to researchers in the utilisation/commercialisation process.

– Fyrklövern shall have a leadingrole nationally in respect to service innovation support.