Work management

App to Counter Suppression Techniques

This app helps users identify 7 suppression techniques – techniques used to exercise negative power over others – that are common…

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Data & IT, Pedagogy

Flinkit – A digitalisation of raise your hand

IP status: Copyright, Know-how, Know-how
License type: Commercial

Flinkit enables students to meet teachers through video calls and get help with their problems in school work without the…

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CRE8® – A competition in creativity

IP status: Know-how, Trademark
License type: Commercial

CRE8® is a fast-paced method for creative problem solving in competition. Three to four multidisciplinary student teams are testing their…

Creativity, Karlstad, Karlstad University, multidisciplinary team, pitch, problem solving, student competition, student team

Seminars in Palliative care

IP status: Copyright

Seminars in palliative care: the educational concept consists of seminars, with educational booklet based on research and national documents for…

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Industrial manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Universal joint for greater angle between rotating shafts

IP status: Patent
License type: Commercial

A simple, inexpensive, lightweight and patented universal coupling that can transmit motion and power between two rotating shafts that can…

Linné University, universal coupling
Culture & Media, Healthcare, Pedagogy

Body percussion – Communication via rhythm

License type: Commercial

The gaps between people in Sweden is growing, where more and more people experience a feeling of alienation. In the…

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AvBIT- Avatar based Interview training

A digital web-based educational platform with the purpose of guiding sensitive conversations with children, via a unique avatar based interview…

Avatar, children interview, distance education, facial expression, inquiry, Linné, Linné University, Linneaus University, nonverbal communication