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EMBRACE – Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety, and follow-up of interventions

EMBRACE is a digital service intended to enable local situational crime preventive and safety establishing services to work evidence based and systematic.
EMBRACE is an abbreviation for “Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety,and follow-up of interventions”. EMBRACE gives your organisation support with continuous information gathering, mapping and analysis of that which your organisation wants to map and analyse. EMBRACE is made for practice. The application of EMBRACE is made to be independent of researchers and research expertise. Saftey related information and crime is the main focus of EMBRACE, but your organization is free to chose what you want to map and analyse and your verision of EMBRACE will be adapted to meet your needs.

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The offer

  1. Education in Embrace with support
  2. License agreement

Main purpose

  • Ability to work evidence based
  • Social sustainability – reduces insecurity and crime
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly
  • Ability to build knowledge about developments and effective or ineffective efforts

Usage areas

This digital tool is aimed towards people and organizations working with or associated with crime prevention and safety inducing mapping and/or action. It may be officials (state and private) the police force, property owners, security companies, insurance companies as well as researchers.
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