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Flinkit – A digitalisation of raise your hand

Flinkit enables students to meet teachers through video calls and get help with their problems in school work without the physical attendance of teachers. Through video calls, our ambition is to meet students’ needs for prompt help, regardless of where the student is.

Flinkit was started with a vision to contribute to a more accessible education for students from all over the country, regardless of socio-cultural background, place of residence or school choice. With the ambition to supplement Swedish schools, by combining new technology with traditional pedagogics, we have built a platform to meet the student’s needs. We provide quick help to students for a large part of the day’s hours with just a couple minute waiting time.

The offer

The cloud service provides assistance from educator on-demand where the student is charged per minute spent on assistance. The student submits his problem to us and receives educational assistance within 5 minutes via a video call by a subject teacher instructed to the specified question.

Main purpose

Students do not need to book a meeting, do not need to actively choose a teacher, do not have to go back to school, nor need to be dependent on their parents' attendance or knowledge to get the help they need in school work outside regular school hours. Students will be able to help regardless of the conditions and regardless of the level of ambition in the school.

Usage areas

The cloud service can be used by students mainly in high school outside of ordinary school work for assistance with home assignments or continuing to school work in relation to each individual's ambition level.
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