Genotox Profile® – Biological analysis for better risk assessment

BioImpakt AB has it’s origin in molecular biology diagnostics research which is conducted at the Centre for Life Science at Örebro University. The company offers analysis and a methodology developed and validated through research. Genotox Profile®, a newly developed analysis technique testing system for advanced environmental diagnostics, is now launching.

The offer

BioImpakt AB owns exclusive right sto the brand Genotox Profile® for environmental analysis and is a associated company to Örebro University Holding AB. The company is currently searching for new industrial partners, financing and customers in need of biological analysis for better risk assessment through Licensbanken.

Main purpose

  • Ability to identify connection between cause and effect • Swift cost and time effective method • Laboratory and field based

Usage areas

Inquiries of biological relevant risks through site specific and application specific investigations.
Biologiska analyser, Örebro, Örebro university