CRE8® – A competition in creativity

CRE8® is a fast-paced method for creative problem solving in competition. Three to four multidisciplinary student teams are testing their problem solving skills and pitching their solution to a jury. The assignment is sharp and collected from researchers, companies or the public sector. The purpose is to train the students to solve real problems and teamwork as a useful experience for a future working life.

The offer

Do you have a case that you think suits our students? One case should first and foremost be to develop innovative solutions. It is not about administrative tasks or simpler line work - this is about utilizing the students' creative ability. A good case is clearly described, but leaves great freedom to find solutions. An overly detailed case can hamper creativity, and too foolish makes it difficult to formulate a problem. We help you develop the case description to find a good balance.

Main purpose

  • Are you looking for innovative solutions and want to use the students' creative skills?
  • Do you like an employer want to know more about how to become a contractor to Sweden's funniest innovation competition?

Usage areas

On October 26, a CRE8® was run at Jernkontoret in Stockholm and consisted of eleven competing teams from several different universities throughout Sweden. The contractor was two of the member offices of Jernkontoret, Sandvik and SSAB. Read more here about CRE8®-Europe or watch the movie here. We have also implemented CRE8® with, among other things, Mundati, Karlstad municipality, Säffle municipality and COWI.      
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