The Östersund Studies – Helping People Loose a Lot of Body Fat in a Short Period of Time

Participants have lost 10 kg in 4 days and retained the new weight one year after the intervention. This is a lifestyle change that can give you a healthy life. The Östersund study is a scientific method that can help the obese lose weight. Research at the National Winter Sports Center has completed this study which deals with finding out what happens in the body while training duringe fasting. This research was also conducted because of incentives for finding methods to help diabetics and the obese with diligent follow-ups. It has been shown that this is a successful way to both losing weight and then keeping it. Mid Sweden University, together with Peak Innovation, has subsequently developed a manual based on the Östersund study. The manual aims to describe and help others understand how to handle their weight in a good, stimulating way and to have a healthy life.


The offer

MIUN Holding AB offers an exclusive license for weight loss through physical activity and improved eating habits. The method is based on physical activity in conjunction with the right nutritional intake. It is about walking for nine hours a day with a chosen diet, education, and a plan for future sensible behavior in diet and motion.  

Main purpose

A kick start for weight loss and healthy eating habits. The result of this weight loss method is that the participants lose a lot of weight in a short time, whilst improving blood pressure and blood fat. They also receive recommendations on how they should be living.

Usage areas

This method applies to obese users, and is categorized under health and well-being. It targets a target group which wants to make a lifestyle change, and individuals willing to try something new and challenging that contributes to a healthy way of life.  
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