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Universal joint for greater angle between rotating shafts

A simple, inexpensive, lightweight and patented universal coupling that can transmit motion and power between two rotating shafts that can have an angel up to 90 degrees between them. This innovation reduces the limitations in utilizing of many existing stationery and mobile (electrical and mechanical) machines requiring a larger contact angle between two rotating shafts as well as:

– Transfer power with more accuracy and without a difference in rotational phases.
– Reduces vibration and disturbances during power and motion transmission.
– Reduces energy losses, etc.

The offer

For sale, exclusive or non-exclusive license.

Main purpose

Being able to transfer motion and power between two rotating shafts at a much greater angle that can not be achieved now with the existing universal couplings.

Usage areas

In many types of mobile and stationary machines, for example. as coupling between motors - and-pumps or compressors, cars, trucks, buses,  forestry, construction and construction machinery
Linné University, universal coupling