Smart eMDSS – Cost effective maintenance

Applying Smart eMDSS™ (eMaintenance Decision Support System), new theories have been used for conducting cost-effective maintenance via more accurate maintenance decisions as well as assessing the economic importance of different maintenance actions. The system does not demand excessive data. It is usually enough with the data already exist in the machine/company databases. Smart eMDSS™ does not replace available traditional maintenance systems rather than it adds new functions that traditional maintenance systems do not provide. Smart eMDSS™ provides unique solutions for maintenance traditional problems through combining three strategies for making maintenance cost-effective:
– Accurate maintenance decisions
– Selection of the most profitable maintenance solution
– Following up maintenance performances and identifying the most profitable investments in maintenance

The offer

Smart eMDSS is a commercial license

Main purpose

Optimized maintenance, lower maintenance och service costs, avoid stopping errors in productions  lines
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