Cultural Analysis – Better Quality in School Using New Method

Faster, cheaper, and better quality in school, using a new method

Through a new kind of methodology, it becomes possible now to link a school’s development plan with the inspection requirements for school operation. Something that lets both school leaders and school staff save time and money, and raise quality in school.

The offer

Among other things, the new methodology offers various tools that make it easier to connect school work to the school inspection requirements. One of the tools is a self-assessment that enables school leaders to investigate their own development needs. It is commonplace today that the school inspection work is done without a close connection with the school development. This means that school leaders have limited influence over how the inspection work is being done. Today, different self-evaluation methods are often used, but they rarely work as they should. Often gaps arise, which this new methodology can fill. The new methodology and its various tools were developed by researchers at Mid Sweden University.

Main purpose

- More cost-effective - Saves resources and time - Provides better quality enhancement

Usage areas

This methodology has been used successfully in inspection and development work at schools in Jämtland County. The methodology can be used e.g. by principals and school leaders, in schools, and for school inspections.
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