22 May, 2019 - Karlstad

Karlstad University won double Skapa-prizes in the county final

Flinkit with the founders Albin Tyllgren and Andreas Carlsson, both students at Karlstad University recently won the Skapa county final in Värmland. Flinkit offers digital support and help with homework via an app. Users will need the help of qualified homework assistants in a matter of seconds. They receive 15,000 SEK from Almi and 10,000 SEK from Agne Johanssons Memorial Fund and SKAPA Foundation respectively.

The justification for the prize:

“The regional award SKAPA-Talang young innovators are awarded to a young company with the goal of helping many. Through digitization in combination with an interesting business model, students receive a quality-assured support wherever they are. The service has recently been launched and will probably give good help to many in the future. Good job of a driven team with an important topic; to facilitate the studies for thousands of students. Raise your hand, in the classroom or elsewhere “

Karlstad University has supported Flinkit during their development through the Innovation Office Fyrklövern’s operations , which is carried out at Karlstad University via the Grants and Innovation Office. The National Create Final is decided in Stockholm in November.

We are also happy to mention that the honorary winner in Skapa was the researcher Kotaiba Aal and his Parkirio, also originated in Karlstad University.