25 March, 2015 - Uncategorized – combines research and utility

Ideas and results from academia to the market directly. Here you can find the innovations ready to benefit your company or organisation!

Is your company or organisation looking fora revolutionary product or service to invest in? Stop looking – this is the perfect place! is a link between academia and the community. Research results that can be licensed from four Swedish universities are presented here – new products and services ready to be produced or implemented.

What is an innovation?
An innovation is something that creates value for the community, the company and the individual. It can be goods or services but also a new process or method, a new way of organising work and operations or new ways of communicating to reach a new market. aims to facilitate drawing up licensing agreements and help your organisation place the innovation on the market much quicker than the researchers can do themselves. This is a way to ensure that innovations serve the common good.

Licensbanken thus combines research and utility.