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Active Families (AIF)

The AIF programme (in Swedish ‘Aktiva idrottsföräldrar’) targets young people aged 10–12 and their parents. It aims to engage and involve parents in their children’s free-time – ensuring parents recognise the importance of organised leisure activity, and how their support of it benefits their child. Many studies have illustrated the psychosocial benefits of structured leisure activity for adolescents, and these benefits are also felt by parents who are aware of, and engaged in, their child’s pastimes. The AIF programme includes parent meetings as well as training in the form of discussions and group activities. Material is provided each semester – once in autumn and once in spring.

The offer

  1. Education in AIF, provides knowledge for implementation in associations
  2. Instructor training for experienced presenters. After instructor training and individual examinations, the right to train presenters is given.

Main purpose

Active Families material has the following themes for parent meetings and youth activities:
  1.  Values - how parents can establish an environment where children don’t lose interest in organised leisure activities. Young people: What being in a team means. The importance of embracing both good and bad times, how values affect us.
  2.  Parents as role models – both at home and pitch-side. Young people: What makes a good teammate
  3. The importance of children’s leisure activity, and organised activities in particular. Its impact on social skills, self-esteem, school and antisocial behaviour. Young people: Dealing with the ups and downs of a team.
  4. How do you bring-up a team player (in the broadest sense)? Young people: Club rules and agreements.
  5. Healthy habits – education, training, diet, exercise, every-day and sports-wear. Young people: Diet, exercise, school and sport.
  6. Parental attitudes towards tobacco and alcohol – the impact on children's behaviour. Young people: What kind of clarity do you need from parents? What should they decide, and what should you decide?

Usage areas

Clubs and associations with activities for 10-12 year olds.
Active Families, Örebro, Örebro university