Work management

ESTER- Evidence Based Structured Assessment of Risk and Protection Factors

ESTER is an assessment system that monitors risk and protective factors for youths (0-18 years) in relation to antisocial behaviour. It is a computer-based professional tool, including support, a screening system and structured assessment instruments.
ESTER is designed for those professionals who work with children (and their families) at risk of antisocial behaviour. It helps monitor and evaluate risk, protection and response.
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The offer

Full training is provided in the method and its use. Users require a computer and pay a yearly license.

Main purpose

ESTER helps deliver:
  1. More effective collaboration across different professions (such as policing, social services, preschool/school, child and adolescent psychiatry) when it comes to young people with, or at risk of, antisocial or criminal behaviour
  2. More consistent risk/needs investigations and assessments, reduced arbitrariness
  3. More targeted efforts, by highlighting the specific risk and protective factors a youth and their family have
  4. Simpler and more routine repeat assessments (e.g. pre- and post-intervention) - ESTER’s design helps highlight changes over time.

Usage areas

ESTER is designed to support the different areas working with children aged from 0-18 years (MVC/BVC, preschool/school, social services, child and adolescent psychiatry, policing, institutions, treatment centres etc.), helping improve and support cooperation amongst these.
ESTER- Evidensbaserad STrukturerad bEdömning av Risk och skyddsfaktorer, Örebro, Örebro university