MapCog Spectra©

Our ability to concentrate is essential if we’re to function – in everyday life, in school and in work. This ability is impaired when the brain is affected in different ways, such as during development or during illness.

Health care professionals are seeking simple and cost-effective methods for early diagnosis that can quickly determine if the brain is not functioning properly. They are also searching for objective methods of measuring the effect of the various drugs used to improve brain function in patients.

The offer

MapCog Science AB offers schools, clinics and institutions an opportunity for the licensed use of MapCog Spectra (MCS) and its tools.

Main purpose

The founders of MapCog Science, Professor Siegbert Warkentin and psychologist Catarina Eriksson have used their long clinical experience and extensive scientific knowledge to develop MapCog Spectra (MCS), a user-friendly and highly reliable product that specifically detects early changes in concentration. Clinically tested and based on recent brain research, the MCS has been proved to be an effective diagnostic aid. In particular, the MCS is suited to the evaluation and monitoring of medical treatments provided for children and adolescents with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Measurement results are independent of gender, age, language, education and ethnic background. The MCS is downloaded as a tablet (e.g. iPad) ’app’ by qualified and licensed personnel, and the patient then performs the test themselves. The result is automatically generated, providing a unique indication of how concentration difficulties have changed how information is perceived by the patient. The goal is to provide schools, health care providers, patients and families with an easy-to-use test, measuring the effect of an ADHD patient’s medication in as natural a way as diabetics measure their blood sugar levels. Doctors and other health professionals use a downloaded diagnostic support tool that is quick to use and provides objective data. Patients experience a fun, simple but robust test that requires no specific knowledge and takes just five minutes. Relatives can clearly follow any improvements resulting from medication. For society, early diagnosis leads to better treatment and follow-up – a far more effective treatment intervention that reduces health care costs. The main target groups for the MCS are schools and specialist clinics. Schools need to easily identify when a student has a learning limitation due to lack of concentration – using a test that does not require a long, complicated and expensive investigation. The specialist clinics market potential is huge, as the MCS supports both the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD patients. In Europe and the United States there are approximately 4 million patients and this number is growing as adults with ADHD are identified. The methodology and product concept is protected by an approved Swedish patent and two PCT applications. The MCS application is ready for launch today, and MapCog Science AB's marketing strategy is to sell the application through partners. MapCog Science AB currently has a LoI in place with a specialist Swedish clinic.

Usage areas

Supporting the diagnosis and treatment of concentration and attention difficulties – e.g. by schools and specialist clinics.
ADHD, Linneaus University