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MOSAIK – A Web-based Education Platform for Crisis Management

MOSAIK provides training for staff in different organizations that can contribute to more effective cooperation in rescue operations. MOSAIK provides increased knowledge of what organized cooperation looks like in crisis situations, and what knowledge different actors can contribute during crises. Responsibility for rescue efforts is usually up to rescue organizations (rescue and police) when they arrive at the scene. Knowledge of their own organization, the municipal and private professions, and the social services in place can be crucial for, for example, a successful evacuation. Knowledge about those affected can be of great importance to both sides regarding what should be focused on during a crisis, and how an event should be handled. We use experience from other organizations that have completed the education. They give us input on how they use the knowledge they have gained from the education in crisis situations.

The offer

There are two different and unique directions in this crisis training. The purpose of the exercise model is to transfer organizational knowledge between professionals dealing with different crisis management problems. Videos focus on everyday situations and uncertainty rather than major disasters, in order to stimulate discussions and reflections, and to utilize the participants' professional skills regardless of their affiliation.

Main purpose

MOSAIK educates well, and the customer will be safer in a crisis situation. The training is short, simple, and comes at a low cost. The solution meets customer expectations. The team behind MOSAIK has access to a development arena in cooperation with the research center at Mid Sweden University, which also develops new knowledge in the field. We are not aware of any other organized crisis prevention method of this kind.

Usage areas

Knowledge and understanding of how several professions can understand the same crisis event is crucial for effective collaboration in crisis management. MOSAIK is intended to bridge knowledge shortages of staff in different organizations, and provides educational materials in the form of films, methodologies and a web-based education platform for effective collaboration in crisis management. The service is used for two purposes: 1) Using different methods in crisis training, comprising discussion stimulation and focus on everyday situations and uncertainty, rather than concrete problems in major disasters that are to be solved practically. 2) To transfer organizational knowledge between professionals with different crisis management problems in order to reduce risks in crisis situations.
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