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A model for familysupport in dementia, which saves resources and increases quality. Developed by Härnösand Municipality and Mid Sweden University in collaboration.

The offer

We offer municipalities a model for family support which provides good quality, which also saves resources for accommodations for people suffering from dementia. The municipality, which is legally required to give families support  when immediate family is diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s,  receives a well-tested and researched model which has shown very good results. This model is offered with no license fee, a so-called Easy Access license, which is a free license from Mid Sweden University for organizations and businesses who would like to use new knowledge.

Main purpose

The model has proven to increase life quality both for the sufferer and their family. In addition, the course of the illness is delayed so that the need for special accommodation is postponed. Research has shown that those affected by the support model report having a consistently higher quality of life.

Usage areas

In municipal family support in dementia. Support for immediate family including the sufferer’s grown children.
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