Transport & Logistics

RefleX Vision System: Embedded vision system for detecting human workers from heavy mobile machinery

RefleX is the new embedded vision system for the detection of human workers from heavy mobile machinery operating at industrial worksites. Using a novel and patented principle, RefleX detects and locates workers with help of the reflective markers attached to their work garments to provide the driver of a vehicle with valuable information for safe driving and accident prevention especially under difficult lighting conditions.

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The offer

RefleX Vision System is now looking for partners, funding and customers. Developed by Örebro University researchers, the RefleX system is patented

Main purpose

• Prevention of accidents • Increased safety and reduced risk for workers and organisations.

Usage areas

RefleX is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications in areas as:
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Surface and Underground Mining
  • Road and Construction
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