Simultanex – equipment for translation

Winner of Kronobergs County’s ‘CREATE Development Award 2014’, Simultanex supports the simultaneous translation of live dialogue – improving understanding and avoiding the time lost through traditional interpretation methods.

Simultanex allows two people without a common language to engage in a live, free-flowing conversation and make full-use of body language. Discussions take half the time which saves costs, and the approach has been shown to improve the quality and accuracy of understanding.

Users wear headsets and microphones, ensuring the only thing they hear are live translations in their own language. They’re connected via Simultanex to a translator who is either present or accessed remotely (e.g. via phone).

The offer

Simultanex seeks customers to the system consisting of headphones and microphones available on the market, as well as a proprietary central unit. It automatically switches on the sound depending on who speaks and sends it through the interpreter in the right direction.

Main purpose

Interpretation of discussions – with higher quality, accuracy and efficiency. Discussions take half the time compared to traditional interpretation methods.

Usage areas

By organisations and companies requiring the translation of live multi-lingual discussions. Simultanex provides a solution for higher quality, accurate and efficient translation. Discussions take half the time.
Linné, Linneaus University, translation