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SMADIT: Cooperation against alcohol and drugs in traffic

SMADIT is a cooperative working method designed to reducealcohol and drugs use by drivers. The method brings together public agencies tackling drugs,addiction and criminality – including the police, prison and probation servicesas well as regional and local authorities.  The method’s guiding principal is that individualssuspected of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have Contact with social and/or addiction support services as quickly as possible – ideallywithin 24 hours.

The foundations of the method were laid down in 2006 in a collaboration thatbrought together Orebro’s police, the regional authority, local addictioncentres, social-, prison- and probation-services and Sweden’s transportauthority. The aim was (and remains) to quickly and efficiently provideindividuals suspected of driving under the influence contact with professional addiction/socialservices, and evaluate support or treatment needs.

This initiative has evolved into the SMADIT method. Working with Örebro University’s Criminology programme,and with funding from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, SMADIT has created a guide to the method.
The guide can be downloaded here

The offer

Cooperation between Örebro University and the organisations involved in SMADIT has resulted in a handbook that clearly outlines how the method works. This guide can be downloaded via the link above (in Swedish).

Main purpose

• Reducing relapse and re-offence • Structured approach • Increased quality

Usage areas

SMADIT is a cooperative method dealing with drugs, doping, addiction/dependency and criminality. It brings together public agencies such as the police, regional and local authorities, and prison/probation services. The handbook can be used to introduce the SMADIT method to police officers, as well as during the training of police cadets and other professionals working in relevant areas.
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