12 February, 2016 - Uncategorized

Line 14 inspires new project

A new project has started at the community center Tegelbruket in Örebro for helping high schools students with their studies and inspire them to seek further to university and college. Behind the project is Kommuninvest, Örebro University and Tegelbruket.

Akram Mahmi is one of those involved in the project called Get Ready- Get Ready has already helped me a lot. You get help with their studies and inspiration to start studying at university. The brickworks is also a good environment to study in, says Akram.Twice a week there are students from the University of Örebro in the library to help and support young people in school. The students also serve as positive role models and mentors.Line 14 inspiresIt is inspired by the successful project Line 14 Örebro University together with Örebro Municipality operates since 2003 to motivate high school students from non-academic environments that interest in higher studies.- Get Ready is a long overdue development that now allows us to follow the young people continuously from primary to secondary school, says Pia Ridderby, operations manager at Örebro University.Enter LocationKommuninvest, a municipal financial cooperation with headquarters in Örebro, is the initiator and financier to Get Ready. Björn Bergstrand, media officer at Kommuninvest, says that the initiative is urgent.- It is important to commit to a more sustainable and inclusive society where education is a key to success. Sweden’s need for skilled labor is increasing.- It is through cooperation with the local high schools that we get our offering to the high school students who feel a need for extra support on the road to higher education, hence the name Get Ready, says Thomas Rasmusson, director of Tegelbruket.


PRESSMEDDELANDE: Nytt projekt på Tegelbruket inspirerar gymnasieelever till högre studier