20 October, 2017 - Örebro

Line 14 visited by Gustav Fridolin

Sure the study visit with her secondary school was fascinating. Yet Örebro University was nothing for her – or so she thought at the time. Today Meimuna Farag is a student at the university and this Thursday evening she met with the minister of education Gustav Fridolin and could share with him what Line 14 has meant – and still means – to her.
Gustav Fridolin met Meimuna Farag, who is currently studying social analysis, and two other students at Örebro University to learn more about Line 14 during a short visit to Vivallaskolan prior to his participation in the TV show “SVT Opinion Live”, debating among others with Jan Björklund, liberalerna, the former government’s minister of education. Line 14 was not unknown to Gustav Fridolin, but as he himself made apparent, this was an opportunity for him to really get to know what he has already been talking about more closely. Continue reading at ORU’s website here.

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