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New business agreement – an important step for Rapp

Just one year after the research based Inkubera-company Rapp (Recovery Assessment by Phone Points) won “Digital Innovation of the year” at the “Örebrogalan” a lot things have happened. The innovation have achieved CE-marking and have hired a new CEO. Furthermore Rapp AB have signed an agreement with their first customer: Capio Läkargruppen.

This agreement illustrates clearly that this idea really is sellable. Capio Läkargruppen will use Rapp to follow up on their patients recovery post outpatient surgery, Anna Skogh, new CEO for Rapp since February 2017, says.

Rapp, based on professor Ulrica Nilssons research, is a digital tool made to follow up on newly operated patients. All information collected with the new application will benefit future improvements in the healthcare system, while simultaneously provide increased safety for the individual patient. The system follows up on a newly operated patient’s wellbeing every day by letting them answer 24 questions about subjects such as pain, nausea and sleeping problems. The patient also have the opportunity to contact medical personnel directly via the application.

In Sweden about 2 million outpatient surgeries is carried out every year, eligible to use and benefit from this system, Anna Skogh clarifies.

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