17 May, 2016 - Uncategorized

Dance shown to be a buffer against ill-health in girls

Stress, anxiety, headaches and stomach aches decreased in teenage girls dancing without the pressure of achievement. In her doctoral thesis at Örebro University, Anna Duberg shows that dance is an effective buffer against illhealth in girls.

“My focus was to emphasise the girls’ own resources by encouraging enjoyment rather than demanding achievement; basically offering them an opportunity to experience their bodies in a positive way. A non-judgemental atmosphere, togetherness, creativity, and a chance to have a say were important building stones,” says Anna Duberg, physiotherapist at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at Örebro University Hospital, Sweden. Her findings show that dancing brought evident physical and mental health benefits to a group of teenage girls suffering from mental ill-health. Attendance in the dance group was generally at a high level and 92 percent of the participants rated dancing as a positive experience. The results also showed a considerable increase in the self-rated health scores in the dance group compared to a control group. There was also a decrease in physical conditions such as headaches and stomach aches, stress-related mental ill-health, as well as the use of painkillers in the dance group.
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