Flinkit – A digitalisation of raise your hand

Flinkit enables students to meet teachers through video calls and get help with their problems in school work without the physical attendance of teachers. Through video calls, our ambition is to meet students’ needs for prompt help, regardless of where the student is. Flinkit was started with a vision to… Read More

EMBRACE – Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety, and follow-up of interventions

EMBRACE is a digital service intended to enable local situational crime preventive and safety establishing services to work evidence based and systematic. EMBRACE is an abbreviation for “Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety,and follow-up of interventions”. EMBRACE gives your organisation support with continuous information gathering, mapping… Read More

OruNose™ – an electronic nose for medical applications

Researchers at Örebro University have developed an electronic nose to help detect blood poisoning (also known as sepsis), a potentially life-threatening condition. The method developed is based on proven sensor technology, shortens the analysis process significantly and provides very accurate test results. Clinical tests at Örebro University Hospital analysed thousands… Read More