Seminars in Palliative care

Seminars in palliative care: the educational concept consists of seminars, with educational booklet based on research and national documents for palliative care. The seminars offer time for reflection and opportunities to later on initiate work with healthcare improvements. The seminars address the knowledge and skills that should be implemented into… Read More

Universal joint for greater angle between rotating shafts

A simple, inexpensive, lightweight and patented universal coupling that can transmit motion and power between two rotating shafts that can have an angel up to 90 degrees between them. This innovation reduces the limitations in utilizing of many existing stationery and mobile (electrical and mechanical) machines requiring a larger contact… Read More

AvBIT- Avatar based Interview training

A digital web-based educational platform with the purpose of guiding sensitive conversations with children, via a unique avatar based interview training program. The first version of the platform was launched in September of 2017. An update of the platform as a server based solution is currently ongoing and in… Read More