Flinkit – A digitalisation of raise your hand

Flinkit enables students to meet teachers through video calls and get help with their problems in school work without the physical attendance of teachers. Through video calls, our ambition is to meet students’ needs for prompt help, regardless of where the student is. Flinkit was started with a vision to… Read More

Body percussion – Communication via rhythm

The gaps between people in Sweden is growing, where more and more people experience a feeling of alienation. In the outer regions of the cities and even in rural areas, parallel societies are often created where people does not have opportunities to take part in the activities that general society… Read More

Cultural Analysis – Better Quality in School Using New Method

Faster, cheaper, and better quality in school, using a new method Through a new kind of methodology, it becomes possible now to link a school’s development plan with the inspection requirements for school operation. Something that lets both school leaders and school staff save time and money, and raise quality… Read More