App to Counter Suppression Techniques

This app helps users identify 7 suppression techniques – techniques used to exercise negative power over others – that are common in work environments, and it suggests constructive responses. Read More

MOSAIK – A Web-based Education Platform for Crisis Management

MOSAIK provides training for staff in different organizations that can contribute to more effective cooperation in rescue operations. MOSAIK provides increased knowledge of what organized cooperation looks like in crisis situations, and what knowledge different actors can contribute during crises. Responsibility for rescue efforts is usually up to rescue organizations… Read More

SMADIT: Cooperation against alcohol and drugs in traffic

SMADIT is a cooperative working method designed to reducealcohol and drugs use by drivers. The method brings together public agencies tackling drugs,addiction and criminality – including the police, prison and probation servicesas well as regional and local authorities.  The method’s guiding principal is that individualssuspected of driving under the influence of… Read More

ESTER- Evidence Based Structured Assessment of Risk and Protection Factors

ESTER is an assessment system that monitors risk and protective factors for youths (0-18 years) in relation to antisocial behaviour. It is a computer-based professional tool, including support, a screening system and structured assessment instruments. ESTER is designed for those professionals who work with children (and their families) at… Read More

Active Families (AIF)

The AIF programme (in Swedish ‘Aktiva idrottsföräldrar’) targets young people aged 10–12 and their parents. It aims to engage and involve parents in their children’s free-time – ensuring parents recognise the importance of organised leisure activity, and how their support of it benefits their child. Many studies have illustrated the… Read More