CRE8® – A competition in creativity

CRE8® is a fast-paced method for creative problem solving in competition. Three to four multidisciplinary student teams are testing their problem solving skills and pitching their solution to a jury. The assignment is sharp and collected from researchers, companies or the public sector. The purpose is to train the students… Read More

Genotox Profile® – Biological analysis for better risk assessment

BioImpakt AB has it’s origin in molecular biology diagnostics research which is conducted at the Centre for Life Science at Örebro University. The company offers analysis and a methodology developed and validated through research. Genotox Profile®, a newly developed analysis technique testing system for advanced environmental diagnostics, is now launching. Read More

MapCog Spectra©

Our ability to concentrate is essential if we’re to function – in everyday life, in school and in work. This ability is impaired when the brain is affected in different ways, such as during development or during illness. Health care professionals are seeking simple and cost-effective methods for early diagnosis… Read More

Active Families (AIF)

The AIF programme (in Swedish ‘Aktiva idrottsföräldrar’) targets young people aged 10–12 and their parents. It aims to engage and involve parents in their children’s free-time – ensuring parents recognise the importance of organised leisure activity, and how their support of it benefits their child. Many studies have illustrated the… Read More

Simultanex – equipment for translation

Winner of Kronobergs County’s ‘CREATE Development Award 2014’, Simultanex supports the simultaneous translation of live dialogue – improving understanding and avoiding the time lost through traditional interpretation methods. Simultanex allows two people without a common language to engage in a live, free-flowing conversation and make full-use of body language. Discussions… Read More


A model for familysupport in dementia, which saves resources and increases quality. Developed by Härnösand Municipality and Mid Sweden University in collaboration. Read More

Smart eMDSS – Cost effective maintenance

Applying Smart eMDSS™ (eMaintenance Decision Support System), new theories have been used for conducting cost-effective maintenance via more accurate maintenance decisions as well as assessing the economic importance of different maintenance actions. The system does not demand excessive data. It is usually enough with the data already exist in the… Read More