Flinkit – A digitalisation of raise your hand

Flinkit enables students to meet teachers through video calls and get help with their problems in school work without the physical attendance of teachers. Through video calls, our ambition is to meet students’ needs for prompt help, regardless of where the student is. Flinkit was started with a vision to… Read More

CRE8® – A competition in creativity

CRE8® is a fast-paced method for creative problem solving in competition. Three to four multidisciplinary student teams are testing their problem solving skills and pitching their solution to a jury. The assignment is sharp and collected from researchers, companies or the public sector. The purpose is to train the students… Read More

Universal joint for greater angle between rotating shafts

A simple, inexpensive, lightweight and patented universal coupling that can transmit motion and power between two rotating shafts that can have an angel up to 90 degrees between them. This innovation reduces the limitations in utilizing of many existing stationery and mobile (electrical and mechanical) machines requiring a larger contact… Read More

Body percussion – Communication via rhythm

The gaps between people in Sweden is growing, where more and more people experience a feeling of alienation. In the outer regions of the cities and even in rural areas, parallel societies are often created where people does not have opportunities to take part in the activities that general society… Read More

Genotox Profile® – Biological analysis for better risk assessment

BioImpakt AB has it’s origin in molecular biology diagnostics research which is conducted at the Centre for Life Science at Örebro University. The company offers analysis and a methodology developed and validated through research. Genotox Profile®, a newly developed analysis technique testing system for advanced environmental diagnostics, is now launching. Read More

EMBRACE – Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety, and follow-up of interventions

EMBRACE is a digital service intended to enable local situational crime preventive and safety establishing services to work evidence based and systematic. EMBRACE is an abbreviation for “Evidence-based methodology for better structured analysis of crime, safety,and follow-up of interventions”. EMBRACE gives your organisation support with continuous information gathering, mapping… Read More

MOSAIK – A Web-based Education Platform for Crisis Management

MOSAIK provides training for staff in different organizations that can contribute to more effective cooperation in rescue operations. MOSAIK provides increased knowledge of what organized cooperation looks like in crisis situations, and what knowledge different actors can contribute during crises. Responsibility for rescue efforts is usually up to rescue organizations… Read More


Distime is a tool to help improve the perception of time amongst peoplewith severe hearing or visual impairment, deaf-blindness and cognitivedisabilities. Appreciating abstract phenomena such as time can be a challenge for peoplewith deaf-blindness, particularly if this is accompanied by a cognitivedisability. Whilst other disability groups are able to use tools that… Read More

Black Belt Songwriting – Get Your Black Belt in Music & Lyrics

In a series of e-books on the art of songwriting, the reader is given considerable knowledge of music theory, but also of music psychology, music history, lyric writing, conceptual thinking, creativity and more. A number of interviews add perspective on the topic. The series utilizes the many advantages of… Read More